Tulsa Public Schools Technology "Lifelines"

Here are some common cords, tech accessories and manuals that you might be needing...
PLEASE NOTE: Links to manuals are being added as time allows - a section at the bottom is reserved for these.
Power cords
PowerCable.JPG dell-latitudeE6410-powercord.jpg
Ethernet cables:
Network connections
SONY Cable Guide (print and keep)

VGA Cable
Document Camera (Elmo etc.) Note: The (male)VGA from the computer goes into the VGA IN on the document camera and the (male) VGA cable to the projector goes into the VGA OUT on the document camera. You will need two VGA cables, the one that came with the document camera and the one that came with the projector.Setting up your document camera with the computer and the projector using two VGA cables allows toggling between the displays on the computer and the document camera using the control panel on the document camera or the wireless remote.
VGA to Laptop
RS 232C
(Elmo 9 pin)
Document Camera Set-Up Videos
Elmo Set-Up:
SMART document camera Set Up:
SMART Document Camera Hook-up
SMARTboard USB notes:
Specify the length and shape (which end looks like what you need?)
Common USBs:
CVBS (Video) or RCA Cable
— a yellow RCA connector is typically used for composite video.
— using the RCA video cable, enables image display on a television.
RCA Stereo Audio Video Cable
S-Video (not necessary if using VGA cables) — using the S-Video cable, enables image viewing on a projector or television.
The best remote feature is the freeze button which enables teachers to use their computer seperately from their interactive whiteboard.
Desktop to Epson Projector GIF See directions & links for more hook-ups---->
SMARTBoard Hook-up Model 1 (This is the most common model): -Plug the SmartBoard power cord into a power outlet.
-Connect 3 cords from the SmartBoard "pigtail" to laptop:
1. VGA cable (video)
2. USB cable (touch ability)
3. Audio cable (speaker ability) to port labeled with a headphone icon on laptop.
SmartBoard Hook-up Model 2
-Plug the SmartBoard power cord into a power outlet.
-From SmartBoard Control Box, connect VGA cable to your laptop.
-For audio ability, connect speakers to laptop with audio cable.
-Plug audio cable into the port labeled with a headphone picture on laptop.
SMARTBoard Hook-up Desktop Model:

SMARTBoard Set Up Videos
SmartBoard Guides:
Smartboard Hardware & Connection Tips
Common Promethean Cables The blue VGA cable connects your laptop
display to the Whiteboard's projector.
The USB connection allows you to
use the Pen Tool. The smaller audio
cable connects to the headphone
jack on your laptop to provides sound
from the Whiteboard's speakers.
ELMO to Promethean
Promethean Board Connection Tips
Additional Tech Manuals
Epson projector LCD EMP-S4

Epson projector LCD EMP-83H

ActivBoard +2 Specifications Manual

ActivBoard 300 Manual